Learn How To Sketch

Learn How To SketchClick Image To Visit SiteAll of us have the potential to be able to draw or sketch and that potential is accessible at any age!

"The how to sketch guide is really easy to understand and anyone who follows the guidelines in it will definitely find themselves making fine sketches that will bring surprise and delight." Gareth, Vancouver Island.

"I am enjoying your sketch book which has helped to spur me on after a prolonged period of lack of energy with unstable diebetes. As a result I got out my pencils and completed a sketch of the old oak trees in the grounds — I am surrounded by stone walls here in the West of Ireland. Congrats and thanks for the constant support of the website." Fr. Tom Fenlon SMA

"I like the finished sketches throughout as they give me a sense of possibility, what I can aspire to if I keep at it, and I think you have clearly illustrated how to do each particular step beautifully and simply." Karen, Rotorua, New Zealand.

"I took a quick look at EVERYTHING, my goodness, you have given the kitchen sink away along with the bathtub. That is a lot of stuff and I am really excited to explore it all further. It looks very easy to understand and do." Sat Avtar Kaur, USA.

"This is a great idea too – and so easy! I’ve come across so many other guides which are so much more complicated – So this was a breath of fresh air!" Sandra, UK.

"Brilliant! A really good selection of valuable hints and tips – One to print, fold up and put in your sketchbook for easy reference!" Sandra, UK.

"Just from reading your book it amazes me how I never actually SAW sketches before, or the world in terms of light and shade. I now look at trees in the forest in a whole new light, so thank you for that. Give yourself a big old pat on the back Kerry because you have made a lovely difference to my life. You’ve added value to it. :)" Karen, Rotorua, New Zealand. Read more…

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