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Product Name       : Timing the Market Just Like the Pros
Launch Date           : January 1st, 2011
Product Website  : http://www.markettimingacademy.com/

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Timing the Market Just Like the Pros

As we are getting close to the introduction of the Market Timing Academy’s eCourse on investing, we’ve been getting a lot of emails from people seeking actual examples of individual stocks that the strategy has identified over the years.

Remember, what makes this eCourse different than others is it is based on fact not someones opinion. It really is based on how the market actually works and will continue to work in the future. So in reaction to the requests, we have decided to give you a few examples.

Apple Computer

Apple computer was up an astounding 1,534% in just 99 weeks. The MTA strategy identified this stock since it was breaking out of a well used Cup with Handle base in February 2004 and August 2006. At the buy point Apple had current quarterly earnings +433%, the prior quarter earnings were +300% and also the last three quarters sales were accelerating. All this being said, the most important thing was Apple was in the process of introducing the new iPod, that is exactly what our strategy scours the marketplace for – stocks introducing something new to the market.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab increased 439% in just 26 weeks. The MTA strategy identified this stock as it was breaking out of a Flat Base in October of 1998. At the buy point the company was at the forefront of individual investors choosing to do their own research and in turn looking for discount brokerage firms to facilitate their trades. Charles Schwab was the actual pioneer of the discount brokerage industry. Again, highlighting the MTA means of looking for something “new”.


Priceline.com increased 321% in only 85 weeks. When the MTA strategy identified this stock in September of 2006 the stock was breaking out of a classic Cup with Handle base. At the buy point the company was becoming the leader in on-line discount travel services. Priceline.com was the company that introduced the “name your own price” campaign, which turned out to be an enormous success.

So here is the Bottom Line – In the upcoming eCourse we will teach you how to identify these great opportunities, more importantly, we will teach you how to manage the position once you own it! Remember it is easy to get the stock but not easy to be sure you actually make money in the position…

Look. We will be introducing our eCourse soon. Don’t miss out. There is a lot of money to be made in this market regardless of whether it is up or down.

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Timing the Market Just Like the Pros

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