What will be the “MAKE MARKET LAUNCH IT” program?

MAKE MARKET LAUNCH IT is a whole 7-step / 7-week web based course that can take people through an easy-to-follow process:

Finding their ideal marketplace

Creating an irresistible offer for that market

Producing a product Make Market Launch It that fulfills adjustments with their offer (Make Market Launch It)

Successfully launching their Make Market Launch It product, both within the short and long-term.

Make Market Launch It Each in the seven modules, to be released weekly on our membership site, includes:

5-7 video training sessions with Pam and/or Mike

A thorough, easy-to-follow action guide for each session (to aid Make Market Launch It step-by-step implementation)

Templates, examples and worksheets (these aren’t just 1-page Word documents; we’re talking in-depth Keynote and PowerPoint files, detailed Excel spreadsheets and comprehensive swipe files-the stuff all of people would have loved in order to gotten our hands on early within the game)

Make Market Launch It Product maps that report the particular process to follow to get the fastest latest results for each step (these alone count your complete investment within the program)

While we go Make Market Launch It over 15 different formats you can use develop your platform and product funnel, the main focus is the actual 7-step system and process important to successfully produce and launch any product, in different form

There are 7 weekly Q&A live calls (furthermore  posted on the location) to correspond with every one of the Make Market Launch It modules as they are released.

We have Make Market Launch It bonus interviews with experts inside the field (people you’ll wish to listen to) and skill trainings on everything including copywriting, design, video production, live events and curriculum design.  There’s outsourcing and crowdsourcing training and food items . an individual needs to successfully create and promote their online information product business.

(The Make Market Launch It program used in covers what NOT to do so people don’t get stuck implementing stuff that aren’t making a living or any difference).

Every Make Market Launch It customer used in gets a ticket to your next 2 ½ day MAKE MARKET LAUNCH IT live event in April 2012, in San Diego.

And, in fact, we’ll have a listing of high-value, surprise Make Market Launch It bonuses we’ll announce during the launch.

Between the 2 of us, we’ve created, produced and sold over two hundred unique services for the tune of tens of associated with dollars in revenue.

Using the expertise she developed over 20 years as THE person behind your own Tony Robbins’ content, services, Pam has obsessively structured and arranged all our own content within the same detailed, compelling, usable formats she in order to create all Tony Robbins’ best-selling and award-winning products.

And of course, Mike has an extended good achieving 8-figure online success, and masterminding some of the biggest online launches inside our industry to date.


Mark your calendars now!  Make Market Launch It will Launch at: February 5th 2012 @ 12 PM EST




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Make Market Launch It

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