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Dan Kennedy will be releasing his latest product which is called Renegade Millionaire. for more details, read The Renegade Millionaire reviews below

Product Name : Renegade Millionaire
Launch Date : March 5th, 2012
Product Website :

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What is Renegade Millionaire

After watching (this new video) from Dan Kennedy, I realize
I’m delsional when it comes to knowing what TRULY busilds wealth.

See for yourself:

The is real equity right here.

This is the Renegade Millionaire video in Dan’s free series. Today’s episode: (Income at Will).

Imagine buying whatever you wanted, and then having the bill sent off to be
paid by someone (or something) else.

Sounds pretty great, right?

It’s exactly what the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners do.

When the drummer for U2 needs a new house, he talks Bono, The Edge and
the other guy into going on tour.

The fans biuy tickets, the tour grosses millions and the drummer gets his

He sent the bill to his “herd.”

(Go here to see Dan explain Renegade Millionaire how you can do the same thing).

Now, I don’t suppose you’re an Irish rock star, but you can follow the
same line of thinking.

First, stop focusing on selling stuff to build equity. Instead, focus on
getting customers.

I’m talking about YOU builing your own herd: a group of people who
appreciate what you produce, teach and sell.

(In this Renegade Millionaire video), Dan shares a sobering fact: when you only concentrate
on products and media and transactions, you fail to connect with a
“herd” of customers. But when you follow his four elements required
for Income At Will, you’re in the business of Attraction.

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