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Product Name         : Total Product Blueprint
Launch Date             : May 19th, 2011
Product Website     :

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TOTAL PRODUCT BLUEPRINT is a comprehensive course on how to CREATE info products and programs, And ways to MARKET them strategically and effectively to create recurring revenue while building the perfect brand.The 6-week web based course teaches students how to create and market 12 lucrative products and programs, and supplies sample outlines, scripts, examples, and marketing emails and sample webpages (including precisely what campaigns to run and what effective opt-in and purchases pages will want to look like).

I’ve used these same products, program and marketing campaigns to look from an unknown, broke, hopeful to developing a $10,000,000 company and also the leading brand in my field in only four years. These items WORKS and it is time to reveal the very best strategies in the business to the world.

Our industry generally seems to teach everyone good marketing but not how to create the merchandise and programs to advertise to start with. TOTAL PRODUCT BLUEPRINT changes everything that and mixes the very best strategies and tactics in product creation and programs.

Apparently there are only 12 products and programs we can really create as experts/gurus/infopreneurs. They include:
— ebooks/books/instructor guides
— teleseminars
— audio programs
— webinars
— dvd programs
— tools/templates
— speeches
— web based classes
— seminars/live events
— coaching/consulting
— mastermind programs
— subscription/membership

You’d be hard-pressed to locate anyone who has mastered each of these domains and made serious take advantage each while building a real brand. I’ve cracked the code and am now teaching everything I understand and everything I’ve learned from legends like my friends Tony Robbins, David Bach, Frank Kern, Mike Koenigs, Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and more.

Within this program I’ll be teaching what those 12 are, providing outlines/scripts/samples for creating each, and share the ONE and only marketing strategy and campaign I would use to promote them. This can be a VERY tactical and must-have course within our industry. The sale is AMAZING, including bonuses to many of my most high-priced training programs. Oahu is the course If only I’d once i began. (I bet you too!).

Here’s what you will get when you buy TOTAL PRODUCT BLUEPRINT:

1. TOTAL PRODUCT BLUEPRINT 6-Week Deep Dive Web based course teaches students how to create and market 12 lucrative products and programs, and offers sample outlines, scripts, examples, and marketing emails and sample webpages (including precisely what campaigns to operate and what effective opt-in and sales pages will want to look like). Videos are let go on Mondays accompanied by live Q/As on Fridays. Students can seek advice anytime within the member’s area.

2. BONUS: Experts Academy 101 Package ($997 value), mailed with their house features a 2-disc DVD with 3 hours of education, a 6-disc audio training program, a unique report PDF, along with a copy of my #1 best-selling book The millionaire Messenger. This training is really a high-level system for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and internet based information marketers.

3. BONUS: Marketing Mastery for Experts Web based course ($4997 value). 4-Week Online Video Modules detailing money-making marketing campaigns for authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders and internet based information marketers. Each week, I send a relevant video that shows the EXACT campaigns we use to produce huge amount of money which are EXCLUSIVELY for the expert industry. They are proven, replicable campaigns that make actual money right now.

4. BONUS: Promotional Partnership Crash Course Web based course ($1997 value). 4-Week Online Modules that teach your clients getting affiliates, JVs, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and major media and organizations to promote their logo and business. This has NEVER before learned in our industry!


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Quite simply you will not be finding a bunch of outdated PLR junk to clutter up your challenging drive and you will not be finding a bunch of crap that distracts you with details overload. My exclusive Total Product Blueprint Bonus will allow you to to make Much more cash within the lengthy operate!


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BONUS #1-Apple iPad 2  $595 $699 Value  today)

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Ipad Experts Academy Elite Review | Experts Academy Elite Bonus

We are giving the BEST Total Product Blueprint Bonus– a FREE Apple iPad to the people who buy MTotal Product Blueprint Through My Link below!

This Total Product Blueprint Bonus includes only brand-new that would cost you $595 $699 (only for today) to purchase on your own. This is the BEST Total Product Blueprint Bonus you will find guaranteed!


BONUS #2. 20 SEO Secret Value $1,997.00

Social Media Marketing Machines

Step-by-step instructions to turn SEO tactics into profit. Did you know that ALL online articles fall into one of just a few categories?

We break them into detailed blueprints and show you EXACTLY how to write them all. And are you wasting time creating dead-end websites? Our “The Only 5 Types7.00


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #3. Traffic Academy Value $2,997

Social Media Marketing Machines

Social Media Marketing Machines

12 in-depth webinars with experts in video, article, social and SEO marketing.

With my Traffic Academy, you’ll learn practical, yet powerful tactics for driving serious, sustainable traffic from our very own my experts!

You’ll receive access to monthly webinar downloads and live Q&A webinars. In addition, you’ll also receive 10,000 AffSphere credits that can be used in our AffSphere article directory. AffSphere has over 38,000 published articles in 150 categories and they get tons of views because search engines love articles! You’ll get 10,000 ad credits so your ads will show up when people read the articles! Just grab a banner ad from one of the many programs we’ll show you, and you’ll start to get clicks!


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #3. Full Access To Internet Marketing Uncut Value $1,997.00

Social Media Marketing Machines

Internet Marketing Uncut is a full blown online study course that contains over 40 high quality videos plusadditional PDF reports.


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #4 . Mega PLR,MRR private label rights software – Value $3,150

Social Media Marketing Machines

# The Complete Dating Marketing Pack

# Classified Marketing Tactics!

# Article Master Series Volume 6

# Buying And Selling Domain Names!

# Everyday Energy Tips!

# How To Write And Publish Your Own Books!

# The Art Of Buying A Car!

# Body Language Basics

# Golf Basics

# Improve Your Memory

# Mental Health

# Self Development

# The True History Of Halloween!

# Body Sculpture!

# Business Building Basics!

# Google Adwords Exposed!

# Guerrilla Marketing Explained!

# Home Security Exposed!

# It’s Your Niche!

# Joint Venture Extravaganza!

# Marketing On A Budget!

# Unclaimed Money Guide!

# Dead Organized!

# Membership Websites Demystified!

# Optimize Your Websites!

# Taking It To ThA# Product Creation Crash Course

# Successful Failing!

# Thin Slicing!

# 10 Ways To Enhance Your Business And Increase Your Profits

# 3G

# A Career In Journalism!

# A Professional Approach To Resumes Ane Next Level!

# The $50 Millionaire!

# The Mountain!

# The Truth Behind The Lies!

# Traffic Jam!

# Affiliate Marketing Profits Crash Course

# Camping For Boys!

# Complete Your House!

# Cover Letters!

# Body Language

# Detoxify The Body!

# Dress Making

# How To Make A Lot Of Money Running Warrior Special Offers!

# Super Simple Money Saving Tips!

# The Monster Cash Crash Course!

# The Speedy Guide To Web Copywriting

# VlogCast Domination


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #5. Full Access To Work From Home Mastermind PLR Package – Value $3,397.00

Social Media Marketing Machines

Discover how to find the right affiliate products to promote for fast cash, ensuring that you NEVER waste time or money on low converting offers.

This Private Label Rights Package also includes…

#1: High quality eBook in PDF & Word format that’s over 50 pages ($500 Value)

#2: High quality video series with over one hour of content ($1,497 Value)

#3: Audio in MP3 format ($297 Value)

#4: Professional Sales Page crafted by a seasoned copy writer. ($297 Value)

#5: Five-part Autoresponder Series ($97 Value)

#6: Professional graphics package ($197 value) – includes header, footer, e-covers

#7: Complete, 100% Original Affiliate Center, featuring exclusive, original graphics (emailers, forum signatures, text link ads, animated banners, ecovers, etc!) – ($197 Value)


Total Product Blueprint

Bonus #6  $121,000 product launch in 7 days – ($2,497 value)

Social Media Marketing Machines

8 real-time videos walking you through a $121,000 product launch in 7 days revealing all the tips & tricks required to deliver a profit pounding 6-figure product launch!

video 1: Watch $2,433 roll in in just the first hour!

video 2: A quick update after the first 10 hours … making over $12,000!

video 3: Day 3 … $78,812 Total gross sales & conversion tips

video 4: Day 6 before launch discount ends with very IMPORTANT joint venture partner tips!

video 5: Final launch day results, $121k in 7 days plus my secret JV tip that increased profits!

video 6: $126,575 in 12 days … plus awesome tips for increasing optin rates!

video 7: 1 month update, $138,771 in 30 days! Plus several important tips that drove-up my profits to well over 6 figure. You don’t want to miss this video!

video 8: Quick video proving #1 ranking in Clickbank and a tip on how to add over 180 JV partners to a product launch!


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #7. Internet Millionaire System – value $1997

Social Media Marketing Machines

There are 6 modules in this Internet Millionaire System

Module 1 -Contents  Your first module sets the stage for everything else you’ll learn. It’s where you’ll discover;

Module 2- Contents  Your second module teaches you where your products will come from.

Module 3 -Contents  Your third module shows you how to set up your long-term business system.

Module 4 -Contents  Your website will be dead in the water unless you attract visitors who want to buy what you’re selling. Your fourth module shows you how to get all the traffi9Cmissing link” most aspiring Internet millionaires never learn… And because they don’t, they get stuck in the same frustrated place I was for years. Inside, I’ll

Module 6 -Contents  The final module is ac you need, and then some. Here’s where I’ll show you:Your website will be dead in the water u

Module 5- Contents  This module is the one that’s most personally exciting for me Module 6 -Contents  The final module is advanced material. The prior modules give you the core, but this one’s going to launch you into orbit. Here’s what I’ll show you
Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #8. Wholesale Traffic System – value $1997

Social Media Marketing Machines

The training program you’re looking at above was created during a marathon, 9-hour training call in which Mr. X revealed everything he knows about buying traffic from Google at “wholesale” prices. Originally I recorded this call so I could train my own staff and business partners, so you’re literally getting access to the exact same information my closest associates get. This portion of the training is made up of two manuals and 12 CDs that cover all aspects of Google AdWords, from the search network to the content network and even a portion on Placement Targeting.


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #9. Outsource Method – value $295

Social Media Marketing Machines

The course inclw

* Module Five – Outsource Method Advanced System

* Module Siudes 10 modules:

* Module One – Introduction to Outsourcing

* Module Two – The Light at the End of the Tunnel

* Module Three – Establishing the System

* Module Four – Outsource Method System Overviex – System Creation

* Module Seven – Final Words

* Module Eight – Outsourcing for Content

* Module Nine – Outsourcing for Design

* Module Ten – Outsourcing for Software

* and an 11th Module that is coming soon!

Each of these modules has:

* Video presented by Daniel Turner

* Written Manual for each Module

* Workbook to keep a consistent Step by Step process happening, forcing you to move forward

* MP3 Downloads for easy listening

* Ipod/Iphone compatible downloads to be able to download direct to your Ipod/Iphone


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #10. List Building Samurai – value $147

Social Media Marketing Machines

“Fool Proof List Building Method Turns Your Facebook Leads Into Raving Buyers Who Can’t Resist Buying Everything You Have to Offer!” This is a sold out system!


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #11 Automated Income Stream Blueprint – $147

Social Media Marketing Machines

If you’re not already making $50.00 per day or $1,500+ per month online with a FULLY AUTOMATED online business, then you need this – orth of US property – OUTRIGHT FOR CASH – and become a USD Millionaire…

Looking back, I think I could have achieved this within 12-18 months if I’d discovered my AIS System Blueprint sooner…”


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #12 – Affiliate Extreme System – Value $197.00

Social Media Marketing Machines

Here are some of the topics covered on Affiliate Extreme System:

* The strategy that you can use to skyrocket your affiliate commissions by 200% and more.

* How to construct a highly profitable landing page for pay per click.

* Special 6 part “getting started” video course for Newbies.

* How to legally steal your competitors keywords, and a whole lot more.

* Secrets of how to make 5 figures in a single week promoting other people’s launches.

* How to get high natural search engine rankings so you’ll get tons of free traffic.

* How to use viral marketing strategies to gain floods more visitors and sales.

* Super affiliate blogging secrets, from how to set up your own blog to how to market it online to gain high search engine rankings and lots of extreme affiliate sales.

* On page search engine optimization, how it works, and the free software that you need to analyze your web pages so that they are definitely perfect and ready to be ranked highly for your chosen keywords.


Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #13  “New Web Traffic Secrets”

Social Media Marketing Machines “ Massive Profit To Follow!The biggest Everything You Ever Need To Know About Generating Hordes Of Traffic With Powerful Web 2.0 Techniques”Step by Step Video Course Reveals How To Unleash a Storm Of Traffic To Your Websites Using New Technologies And Websites Causingproblem any marketer faces is getting traffic to their website. No matter how good your website or your product, if you do not have traffic coming to your website it is not worth the code it is written in.This brand new, 172 minute video course will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through getting hundreds of visitors from Web 2.0 techniques

Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #14 – CPA Profit Funnel System Video Home Study!$497

Social Media Marketing Machines

This comprehensive video comes with THREE video modules taking you through every step of CPA marketing!

Also included in the course are resource manuals you can use to access contents and resources discussed in the videos in text format!

Watch – Learn – Make Money!



Total Product Blueprint

BONUS #15 “The Six Figure Explosion”

Social Media Marketing Machines

WARNING! This Information Is Hard-Hitting And Only For Serious Marketers Looking To Powerfully Generate Six Figures Online!


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Total Product Blueprint

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