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uQast !!!

uQast is the creation of Brad Fallon, one of the rock stars of Internet Marketing. He and his team have created uQast, a simple and easy-to-use digital media platform. To quote Brad…

Imagine should you owned a hardware store in a tiny town. Right across main street, there is another home improvement store and also you were fiercely competitive.

Imagine this…every time a person bought something in the other home improvement store You’ve made money in the sale. I think that arrangement would bring a smile for your face!

That’s exactly the ‘arrangement’ Brad Fallon has organized through uQast.

Brad is one of the most successful internet marketers in the world ($114 million in revenues in five years) and he’s about to launch a brand new digital media platform called uQast.

uQast is a straightforward, elegant, and easy-to-use digital media platform. To quote Brad…

“uQast connects individuals who want the best stuff online with the people who create it.”

I’ve toured the website and it’s jaw-dropping impressive.

Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to set up your own uQast store with just as much digital content as you’d like. And you’ll get the chance very soon to buy your own uQast name. More about that in a minute.

I’m sure you’ll drive individuals to your store. And I’m sure when your competitors see you’ve setup a store, they’ll setup their own uQast store.

Here’s where it gets extra beautiful.

When the people you signal to uQast ‘cross the street’ to your competitor’s store, you get a commission…and a generous one…from 25 to 75 percent. Actually, if the people you send to uQast buy anything from anyone, you receive the commission.

And when those people refer others to uQast, you receive a 2nd tier commission of 5 per cent for the entire year.

It’s probably the most phenomenal models for content providers ever.

Want in?

Click here now to become uQast Founding Affiliate. But hurry…

You could be among the first with use of a custom uQast URL.

Let’s say you’re in the Karate business. If it’s still available (and also the best names will be snapped up quickly), you have access to uQast.com/Karate. Let’s say you have a common name like Scott Martin. Wouldso would you prefer uQast.com/ScottMartin?

Want in?

Click this link. Get a code. Become a Founding Affiliate and you’re in route to making money from your site AND your competitor’s content.

Click this link.

One more thing…Brad’s organizing the launch party to finish all launch parties in Vegas this spring and when you feel a Founding Affiliate, you and a guest are invited…tickets to the general public sell for $2,500 each but there’s free for uQast Founding Affiliates. It’s likely to be a rock star-esque party.

I’d enjoy travelling to you there and I’d like you to become among the first in for the uQast Founding Affiliates launch this Tuesday.



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