Forex Mentor: Day Trading Forex Mentor Course For Newbies

Forex Mentor: Day Trading Forex Mentor Course For NewbiesClick Image To Visit SiteHi folks I have read many testimonials/comments written for various products I have considered purchasing in the past and have always wondered if they were true accounts or generated for marketing reasons. I can only hope that you believe what I have written.

I first met Loz on a trading forum and I was amazed at his generosity and genuine desire to help everyone. His shared strategies worked and my trading performance improved immensely. The very day I heard of Loz’s course I signed up.

Loz’s approach is down to earth. As a mentor you could not ask for more. He gives and gives. We have received so much more than we initially purchased. Loz encourages us all to ask questions and take part in live discussions. He is thorough in his teaching.

His strategies are amazing. They work and the great thing is that some are suited to shorter time frames while others are best for example on the daily charts. This allows each of us to choose based on our individual trading styles. His live trading videos are priceless as he shares his thinking behind each trade which then allows us to develop a trader’s eye when looking at charts.

This course is not expensive and the outlay is easily recoverable. Loz gives us the tools and environment for success however we must put the hours and effort in to achieve our goals. I have always believed in the potential of trading fulltime and with Loz’s support and tuition I sincerely believe that in 2010 I will achieve this.

I hear you say? It’s ok, I have proven many times over to people I can take on board anyone and take them from a level of not knowing what it is, who’s confidence at a all time low, over thinking what looks complex (when it’s not), to a level of pulling out profits as high as 80%+ after having a chat with me for a couple of hours…

When I first purchased forex signal mentor I was a bit skeptical whether it would really work as I have no experience whatsoever in dealing with the forex market.

Loz assured me no experience is needed whatsoever and said I can jump straight in, so I purchased the course and got straight into it.

I was a bit confused at first after watching his videos and seeked Loz’s help for 1-1 mentoring, basically my problem was overthinking to much which was not required as Loz explained his strategies are simple, concise and easy to follow. Pretty much what you see is what you get. Whatever Loz shows in the video, you just do it, that simple.

I was about to give up, however after having a chat with him I felt a bit more confident and I decided to try out one of his strategies call the “Power trade”. Immedietly after applying his strategy, in 1 week I made a staggering $8525.53… Read more…

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