We are Furniture Manufacture and Exporter from Indonesia was established in 2015. Our primary products are Indoor and Outdoor Furniture. We are produce Antique Reproduction, Teak Garden Furniture, and Colonial or Rustic Furniture from Reclaimed Teak Wood or some customer called Old Teak Wood

We are always insist our company’s principle is superior quality, reasonable and negotiable price, prompt delivery to our customers, so we surely you can be pretty facility to succeed in business among the competitive market.

Our customers very lovely with reclaimed teak from farmhouse around java, and there are no problems as cracking, splitting, moving and any other problems in close and open of the doors also drawers, very-very different with new wood although in kiln dried until 10 %. A little moving will crack of the top also the other position as doors and drawers.

We welcome every customer, buyers, retailers, wholesale to come to our place to inspect our product quality, goods and discuss any possible to do mutual business.


Company Name
Years Established : 2015
Factory : Jl. Citra Soma, Senenan, Kec. Tahunan,
Kabupaten Jepara, Jawa Tengah
Indonesia 59426
Telephone : + 62 82322262333
Fax :
Web site : https://www.tandaa.com
E-mail : info@tandaa.com
Contact Person : Mr. Hera Distiyanto
Correspondence : English, Indonesia
Services Commitment : On time Delivery

Qualified product with reached price

Field of Business : Furniture Manufacturer, Producer and Exporter
Commodity : Wooden Furniture
Main Products : Indoor Furniture

Outdoor  Furniture

Others Products : Handy Crafts & Unique
Raw Materials : Mahogany, Teak, Mindi (java oak), MDF and Play Wood
Employee : 3 Office Staff
75 Carpenter
170 Qualified Workers
Finished : NC Finish and Paint Finish
Production Capacity : Indoor Furniture
Standard Design Capacity : 2 x 40″ / month
Special Design Capacity   : To Be Advise (TBA)
Outdoor Furniture
Standard Design Capacity : 5 x 40″ / month
Special Design Capacity   : To Be Advise (TBA)
Minimum Order : 1 container 20″
Production Process : Semi Machine and Full Handmade by skilled craftspeople
Export Destination : Germany, Netherlands, UK Sweden
Factory Area : 1500 mē with Kiln-Dry Facility
Packaging System : – Carton Box
– Foam and Single Face / Wrapping Papers